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Western Union Enterprises provides the best promotional products and designs for you. Our knowledge of the international markets and competitive sourcing from Asia is second to none. Since 1995 we have specialised in imaging and providing promotional merchandises to many world renounced companies. With a very successful and proven extensive experience, you can depend on us for being as your partner and source of reliability. No request is too difficult!

Our head office is located in Hong Kong, with associates in Vancouver, Canada, the gateway port to the Pacific nations to serve customers around the world.

Let us help you stand out from the crowd!

We can't spell S_CCESS without U !!!

Disclaimer: All logos shown in the pictures in this site are for reference only. Your order will include your own customized logo.
We are currently serving clients from the following countries:
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Why us?
We specialize in mass production of high quality promotional items for the lowest cost. Our position in Hong Kong provides us with the opportunity to give unbeatable deals for all kinds of promotional goods.

Any occassion with customized logos or not, and whether you know exactly what you want or not, contact us. Occassions which we have serviced in the past include:
* promotional pen,
* wedding party favors
* graduation gift
* dollar-store items
* souvenir
* corporate gift
  (USB memory stick,    writing pad)
* trade show giveaway